Running Hot and Cold

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How do wheelchair accessories keep me cool or warm?

Running Hot and Cold

You like the room and car cold but your honey likes it warm. Or she likes the air conditioning turned up full blast and you're searching for the electric blanket. You don't have to compromise with your wheelchair, no matter what temperature you're in. You can be comfortable anywhere by choosing wheelchair accessories wisely.

Wheelchair accessory style mavens have created ponchos, seat coolers and warmers, even sleeping-bag-like covers for your legs. The sleeping bags pair perfectly with the poncho wheel chair accessories. Does your sweetie like Seattle in the winter? An umbrella that attaches to your wheelchair arm completes the weather readiness kit in case of rain. Want a fan or spray bottle handy in hot weather? The Universal Wheelchair Caddy and Universal Tote CarryOn Jr. hold everything but the air conditioner. With the right wheelchair accessory kit, you can stay as refreshed as if you were floating in the pool...which, come to think of it, sounds like a great idea. The question is...heated pool or cold pool?



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