Wheelchair Battery Charger Models

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Does one wheelchair battery charger work well for all batteries?

Wheelchair Battery Charger Models

You're running to that doctor's appointment and, wonder of wonders, the doc's always on time.

When you're recharging your Invacare or Levo electric wheel chair battery, you don't want to find out that you packed the wrong model of wheelchair battery charges. Your chair takes wet batteries, but the charger will only handle gel wheelchair batteries. Or you have an old 12-volt wheelchair and your modern wet/gel electric wheel chair battery charger makes the batteries go kaput. The doctor's meter is running while yours is stalled.

Thankfully, the Lester 12 Volt. 6 Amp Battery Charger handles the old 12-volt models. For newer model chairs that need wet or gel wheelchair batteries charged, most wheelchair battery chargers will charge both wet and gel wheelchair batteries.

Another surprise: When you get to the doctor's office after speeding up the wheelchair ramp, your doctor is late. Relax, cool your wheels, and read the two-month-old magazines in the office.



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