Battery Chargers and Plug Styles

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How do I know the battery charger fits my wheel chair model?

Battery Chargers and Plug Styles

You have ear plugs, hair plus, nose plugs...and now you're obsessing about battery plugs. Wheel chair battery plugs, to be exact. With all the wheelchair brands out there, how can you find an electric wheel chair battery charger that accommodates the plugs?

Many wheel chair battery plugs come in two styles: square and round. Invacare wheelchair batteries have both styles, so Invacare wheelchair battery chargers are designed to accommodate an Invacare wheel chair battery.

If you aren't sure which wheel chair battery charger you need, if your wheelchair brand isn't listed, check with the electric wheel chair battery seller or with your wheelchair manufacturer.

Now you'll have plenty of time to concentrate on your collection of spark plugs.



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