AGM Wheelchair Battery Chargers

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How do I charge my AGM wheel chair battery?

AGM Wheelchair Battery Chargers

Keeping up with new technologies is fun. You relish the challenge of making Macintosh and Windows technologies mesh, love installing software for your iPod, and watch Windows crash.

Have you finally met your match now that you've bought an AGM electric wheel chair battery for your Golden electric wheelchair? Could even Windows engineers wrestle with wheelchair battery chargers for AGM wheelchair batteries?

Before Bill Gates makes a wheelchair that's only compatible with Microsoft batteries, let us reassure you that the AGM electric wheel chair battery works with standard wheelchair battery chargers.

You'll need to check, as usual, whether the charger is compatible with your wheelchair. Don't worry—you don't need a whole IT department. No cross-compatibility issues. Oh well, thankfully for you, there's bound to be a computer crisis tomorrow.



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