Kid-ding Around with Wheel Chair Batteries

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I'm a kid or teen, can I charge or work with my wheel chair battery?

Kid-ding Around with Wheel Chair Batteries

You're a kid and despite the chair, with its awesome racer-like style, you feel you can do anything. You even learned how to charge the read the manual while your parents are struggling with programming the VCR/DVD combo. You know about the plugs wheelchair battery chargers need. See, you're a responsible kid with an aptitude for all things mechanical. How come your dad gets upset when he sees you trying to move your wet wheel chair battery?

Relax—he's not dissing your initiative. He's probably proud (parents have to tell you how to do things, share their wisdom and all that). Then your grandma jumps in with tips she learned. Turns out she can charge an electric wheel chair battery better than you can. And, she reminds you, you forgot the water for your wet wheel chair battery.

To be honest, you could use your dad's help lifting those wet wheelchair batteries...they're heavy, even though you're the strongest girl on your wheel chair basketball team.

So yes, kids can do anything, and you can charge and change those batteries...but be smart about it. Talk to your grandma, read the manuals, talk to the people who sold you the wheelchair (ask about selecting wheel chair batteries). Watch how to install a wet or gel electric wheel chair battery.

People say kids today are lazy. But nothing slows you down (including explaining to your mom one more time how to surf the Web).



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