Miss Wheelchair for Miss Wheelchair?

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Is there a Miss Wheelchair brand from the Ms. Wheelchair pageant?

Miss Wheelchair for Miss Wheelchair?

Beauty pageants—excuse us, scholarship competitions—get more elaborate every year. There are Miss and Ms. Wheelchair competitions and now it seems they have their own line of wheelchairs as well. Introducing the Miss Wheelchair brand, weighing 35 pounds, 20 inches tall, can carry up to 250 pounds! She wants to be a neurosurgeon and likes to crochet.

We're joking, there is no official Ms. Wheelchair America wheelchair brand. Contestants use wheel chair brands from a variety of wheelchair manufacturers, the top in the business, including:

• Quickie Sunrise Medical Wheel Chair
• Electric Jazzy Wheelchair
• Invacare Wheel Chair

And, although the Miss Universe and Miss America pageants swear, as does Donald Trump, that pageants are just scholarship competitions, the Ms. Wheelchair competition truly isn't a beauty pageant. That said, the winners are truly beautiful people. Maybe an official Miss Wheelchair brand isn't a far-fetched idea. How about a Junior Miss Wheelchair line for the winners of tomorrow?



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