Manual Jazzy Wheelchair

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Can I get a manual Jazzy wheelchair since I don't need a power one?

Manual Jazzy Wheelchair

You love the idea of the Jazzy wheelchair, but you're more accustomed to life in the slow lane. You wonder, does Pride Mobility offer a manual Jazzy wheelchair?

Sorry to disappoint. Quantum Rehab, one of Pride Mobility's family of wheel chair brands, furnishes manual wheelchairs. But the Jazzy wheelchair remains, well, jazzy, and you can still push a manual wheelchair under your own power.

While Quantum Rehab's Stylus model is a lightweight dynamo, you still want the Jazzy wheelchair. The Stylus has more options than your car's power steering, but still you miss the Jazzy design. You're in no hurry to need an electric wheelchair though, so you roll on.

If you need a scooter, however, to zip around and the manual wheelchair is tiring you out, you can hop a Go-Go Travel Scooter. Feels just like when you were a's love all over again. Sorry, Jazzy wheelchair...finding wheelchair brands to replace you wasn't as hard as I imagined it might be.



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