Choosing Jazzy Wheel Chairs

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How do I choose a Jazzy wheelchair model?

Choosing Jazzy Wheel Chairs

You're ready for a power wheelchair with some Force. "Power of wheelchair in you is," says Yoda. And while you're not tempted by the Dark Side, you'd like a little more oomph when dealing with Sith lords.

Out of all the wheelchair manufacturers and wheelchair brands, you bypassed the Sunrise Medical wheel chair and the Invacare wheel chair. You went straight for the Pride Mobility Jazzy wheelchair. But finding a wheelchair brand shouldn't be a snap decision, which Jazzy model will rev your motor and summon up the Force?

Most Jazzy wheelchair models have:

• Top speed of 5-6 MPH
• On board battery chargers
• Height adjustable seats/ high back-seat option
• Multiple seating options
• Wide turning radius of 20-21 inches
• Weight capacity of 300 pounds, customizable to 400
• Low center of gravity for a smooth ride

If you want more speed, the Jazzy 1122 Standard Power Wheelchair offers ActiveTrac suspension that increases top speed to 6 MPH. If you're driving on variable terrain (in the Death Star or on Naboo), the Jazzy 600 Standard Power Wheelchair lowers its OMNI-Casters to deal with that crack in the sidewalk or the pothole the city swore they'd fix. Mid-Wheel Drive 6 technology adds stability while you're riding into battle. It doesn't offer headlight or taillight options, so be careful in fog and at night—good advice anyway for everyone, especially Jedi knights. Whichever Jazzy wheelchair you choose, may the Force be with you.



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