Cooling Cushion or Pad? Keep Cool

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Which should I choose, cooling cushion or cooling pad?

Cooling Cushion or Pad? Keep Cool

You're hot. But you knew that. You're also uncomfortably warm thanks to friction. Do you choose a cooling wheelchair cushion or a cooling wheelchair pad? Picking wheelchair cushions is hard! Why not both if it's a hot day and you're dealing with friction? You can fasten a cooling wheelchair pad to the chair back, and a cooling wheelchair cushion to the seat.

You're so hot you're cool. But can you stay cool so you never let them see you sweat? Many cooling wheelchair cushions and pads contain technology to stay cool for days without refrigeration.

So let your natural coolness and hot looks shine through now that you don't have to worry about heatstroke. You're on fire thanks to your personality, not because of your chair.



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