Wheelchair Cushions and Medicare

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Are wheelchair cushions covered by Medicare?

Wheelchair Cushions and Medicare

Oh no, do I have to fill out a Medicare form for my wheel chair cushions too? Haven't I suffered enough? When will it end?

Take heart and fluff up that foam cooling wheelchair cushion or Invacare Lo Contour that breathes to cool you down just like a cooling wheelchair cushion. Medicare can actually reimburse for wheelchair cushions.

Retailers such as SpinLife let you know with a little "M" symbol that products are eligible for Medicare. All of the wheel chair cushions on SpinLife.com have the "M" symbol. Retailers selling wheelchair cushions will usually advertise that the products are Medicare eligible. You can also search the Medicare.gov database of approved manufacturers.

If you still have a headache, you probably have been sitting too long in the heat. Now that you can stop worrying (for the moment) about Medicare, take a load off, take an aspirin, and don't touch another Medicare or insurance foam for the rest of the day.



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