Cooling Cushions for Kids

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What cooling cushions are good for kids?

Cooling Cushions for Kids

You have the coolest kid around. Or you are the coolest kid around. Unfortunately, with friction and sliding, you don't feel like you're all that. You feel hot and sticky and uncomfortable.

You may be big enough to realize you need a change, but adult wheelchair cushions won't work for you. Once again, you're too young. Not to worry. Companies such as Supracor make wheel chaor cushions just for you. Imagine, a cooling wheelchair cushion or wheelchair pad just your size. You stay cool, and best of all, as you grow, the cooling wheelchair cushion or cooling wheelchair pad can grow with you.

If you need to be cooler, and what kid doesn't, ask your parents or doctor about getting a cushioning wheelchair back that ventilates and supports. You're a kid in complete control, you have big dreams, and now that you're not hot and sticky, nothing's going to slow you down.



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