Wheelchair Cushions Worn Out?

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When is it time to replace my wheel chair cushion?

Wheelchair Cushions Worn Out?

You're pondering the essence of existence and the nature of God. In the meantime, can you answer yes to three of these questions?

1) Does your back feel stiff and sore, though you just got a new mattress and magnetic belt or pad?
2) Do you have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, arythrogryposis, or other condition that requires you to use a wheelchair?
3) Are you wheelchair-bound permanently (quadriplegic, paraplegic)?
4) Do you use wheel chair cushions and pads?
5) Do you dread being in your wheelchair?

While many conditions that require a wheelchair also drive you to get out of the wheelchair several times a day--you should be moving around anyway to prevent muscle atrophy, sores and bone injury--you may need a new cooling wheelchair cushion or a new wheelchair cushions in general.

Wheel chair cushions are designed to be durable, but foam wears out faster, so if you prefer foam wheelchair cushions, have a backup. The Jay Soft Combi W/Lumbar Support Option Foam Wheelchair Cushion is supposed to last much longer than ordinary foam cushions.

If you use air wheelchair cushions, they may just need inflating to prevent chafing and soreness when you sit. Make sure you've chosen the right size cushion and that wheel chair cushions are fastened securely, since sliding can wear out the surface and filling more quickly.

Now that you've replaced your cooling wheelchair cushion, can you answer yes to this one question: Does your back feel better than it has since you first sat in the wheelchair, even since birth?

If you answered yes, you have the right wheelchair cushion or pad, God's in His Heaven, and all's right with the world.



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