ATW=All-Terrain Wheelchair

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Can I rent a wheelchair for a vacation in the country?

ATW=All-Terrain Wheelchair

Your cousin has that cottage in the country with the nearest neighbor thirty miles away—luckily, that neighbor is a speed demon if you need anything. You're ready to kick back and relax. Your wheelchair, however, may be another story.

On sloping country roads, winding woodland paths and the beach, all-terrain wheelchairs, like sport wheel chairs, can take anything the new scenery throws at them so you can enjoy the sights. Call ahead to your destination and see if you can rent a wheelchair in the town. If not, rent one and have it shipped. Some great all-terrain wheelchairs include:

• The Rolleez All-Terrain Chair from Healthline (includes a safety belt and umbrella)
• The Landeez All Terrain Chair
• Pride Hurricane PMV Mobility Scooter
• Pride Luxury Line Victory XL Scooter
• Pride Luxury Line Maxima Scooter

Just remember, as you would with your own wheelchair, keep your rentals clean and maintained, free from dust, dirt, sand, leaves and gravel. After all, you might just want to visit that neighbor and have a leisurely chat on the porch sipping lemonade. Then down to the beach for a beach party!



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