Poolside Wheelchairs

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Are there special wheelchairs I can use at the pool?

Poolside Wheelchairs

The blue chlorine beckons. The lounge chair beckons. The summer bestseller/copy of ULYSSES calls your name. But first, you have to get to the pool.

While regular rigid or fold-up manual wheelchairs (and electric if they stay back from the pool's edge) will get you to the pool, you may not feel like showing up in your regular wheel chair.

You may have problems walking and only need a wheelchair for the pool. The Healthline Pool Wheelchair, waterproof and user-friendly, is an excellent alternative. It won't tip or skid, even when the kids are splashing or running poolside despite the blatant "No Running" signs. Plus, parking brakes ensure you won't make a fancier dive than you intended. So what are you waiting for? There's a lap lane with your name on it.



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