Choosing a Pediatric Wheelchair

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How do I choose a pediatric wheelchair?

Choosing a Pediatric Wheelchair

While it may seem that it would be easy to choose the correct pediatric wheelchair, there are actually very many items to consider. Be sure to pick a wheelchair that can grow with your child, if you anticipate your child will need the chair for a lengthy amount of time. Most well-made pediatric wheelchairs can last between ten and twelve years. Also be sure to choose a chair that will suit your child's temperament; some pediatric wheelchairs are made so that they can be used in sports, while others are more suited to children who prefer quiet pursuits. You will also need to determine your child's ability to propel their own chair, and whether or not they'd be able to control a power (electric) pediatric wheelchair. Finally, your doctor is the best resource for choosing a wheelchair, be sure to get his or her specific recommendations.



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