Wheelchair Accessories To Make Carrying Things Easier

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What wheelchair accessories can I get to make carrying items even easier?

Wheelchair Accessories To Make Carrying Things Easier

The number of wheelchair accessories you can add are endless. If you're looking for wheelchair accessories that will help you carry items on the go, take a look at our list for some ideas on what you can use.

Pouch Packs – Hang pouch packs on your wheelchair for easy access to your personal items. You can use Velcro attachments or an over the armrest attachment to carry everything from pens to books and more.

Arm Tote – A little bit larger than pouch packs, an arm tote hangs over the armrest of your wheelchair. You can find compartments for your cell phone and wallet as well as store your papers in a zippered area.

Back carry-ons – This takes a bit more work to reach around and get your items, but with back carry-ons, you'll have more room for your belongings and will also have compartments to organize whatever you want to bring with you.

Under the seat packs – Under the seat packs work by carrying items under your wheelchair seat. You can find ones that will hold laptops, notebooks, or even clothing. These wheelchair accessories require more dexterity to reach under your wheelchair seat for your items.



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so where do you buy these wheelchair accessories


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