Wheelchair Trays To Make Daily Activities Easier

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Can you give me some suggestions for types of wheelchair trays?

Wheelchair Trays To Make Daily Activities Easier

Want to make daily activities such as reading, eating, and playing games easier in your wheelchair? Consider the addition of wheelchair trays to your wheelchair. Wheelchair trays provide a flat surface like a table so you can enjoy daily activities right at your wheelchair. You have a wide variety of choices and materials to select from depending on your preferences and needs.

  • Consider a laminate wheelchair tray for easy cleaning and tasks like eating or crafts which may involve messier cleanups.
  • For a wheelchair tray you can leave attached to your wheelchair, but still offers you flexibility, select a half wheelchair tray which flips up and down.
  • For a comfortable tray with appearance in mind, get a padded, vinyl, upholstered version of the wheelchair tray.
  • If visibility and functionality are what you have in mind, consider getting a clear wheelchair tray.



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