The Upside to Buying From Larger Wheelchair Manufacturers

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What advantages do I have if I buy a wheelchair from a bigger manufacturer?

The Upside to Buying From Larger Wheelchair Manufacturers

Choosing a wheelchair, like any other specialized piece of equipment, will require some in depth researching on your part. Before you purchase a wheelchair from any dealer, make sure you investigate the wheelchair manufacturers before you buy. Take a look at our guide to discerning between the larger wheelchair manufacturers.

  • The larger wheelchair and accessory manufacturers include Invacare, Everest & Jennings, Quickie, and Permobil.
  • When you're dealing with a large company with considerable financial resources, it often means they have more money to spend on prototypes, research, and development than their smaller counterparts.
  • Larger companies have the budget to spend more on design. If the aesthetics of the chair are important to you, then this would be a consideration.
  • The larger companies have built up a reputation. Most products will be well made and you'll know you're dealing with a company that will likely be in business for years to come.
  • You'll find product lines will be fairly comprehensive with a multitude of models and accessories to choose from.
  • You dealer will have more experience repairing a wheelchair from a major manufacturer.



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