Five Good Things About Smaller Wheelchair Manufacturers

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What are some positive reasons to buy from a smaller wheelchair manufacturer?

Five Good Things About Smaller Wheelchair Manufacturers

Smaller wheelchair manufacturers aren't like the well-known wheelchair manufacturers in that they don't have the marketing dollars to advertise their products. However, buying from an unknown company doesn't mean you won't find a quality wheelchair. Here are five good things about the smaller wheelchair manufacturers if you're considering purchasing a product from them.

  1. Smaller wheelchair manufacturers focus on making specialized and innovative merchandise. So if you're looking for a wheelchair that is cutting edge or performs a specific function, buying from one of the smaller wheelchair manufacturers may be your best bet.
  2. With the well-known wheelchair manufacturers, you're getting a product as is. That's not so with many of the smaller manufacturers. A lot of times, they will customize a wheelchair to your specific needs.
  3. Delivery times can be shorter when you deal with a smaller wheelchair manufacturer. They don't tend to have big production schedules for manufacturing.
  4. Sometimes, pricing is more competitive with a smaller manufacturer than with a larger one.
  5. The smaller companies often have a leadership that is passionate about their work and a willingness to give you individualized attention.



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