Wheelchair Rentals For Travel And Vacation

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What should I know about booking a wheelchair rental if I’m traveling?

Wheelchair Rentals For Travel And Vacation

Wheelchair rentals are convenient for instances of travel or cases where you need a wheelchair on a temporary basis. Although renting a wheelchair is a temporary situation, you will need to make some considerations. Take a look at our tidbits for when you need wheelchair rentals.

  • When you're traveling to a major amusement park, keep in mind that wheelchair rentals are available for your use. Some parks also offer electric convenience vehicles if powered mobility is a consideration.
  • Rental company policies vary, but you can expect to pay a lower fee rate per day when you rent long term.
  • Some companies which supply wheelchair rentals will drop off and pick up the equipment to your specific destination, whether it be your home, the hotel, or a cruise port.
  • You can take a scooter or wheelchair rental with you on a cruise ship if you want this option.
  • If you're planning travel down the line, you can book in advance. Some wheelchair rental companies allow you to book a year ahead of time.
  • Verify how you'll get charged and what the terms are. Some wheelchair rental companies charge rates based on a 24 hour period and will not charge your credit card until the day before you pick up the wheelchair, while other companies might charge your credit card up to a month in advance.



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