Considerations For Getting Wheelchair Lifts

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What considerations do I need to make when looking at wheelchair lifts?

Considerations For Getting Wheelchair Lifts

Sometimes, ramps just won't do. Where level changes occur and mobility or space is an issue, getting wheelchair lifts is an ideal solution. Here are some issues to think about when looking around for wheelchair lifts.

  • When considering a wheelchair lift, remember some operate with just the user while others operate by carrying the user and wheelchair up at the same time.
  • When shopping around, always check the weight limitations of a wheelchair lift model. Keep in mind your wheelchair weight as well, if you're going to be using it along with the lift.
  • Size is an issue when installing a wheelchair lift. You'll have to assess how much space the wheelchair lift will occupy as well as how big you need the platform to be in order to accommodate your wheelchair and be comfortable.



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