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Can I rent portable wheel chair ramps for temporary use?


You broke your leg in a skiing accident, or you took a nosedive off the pier. Either way, you're in a wheelchair for six months, or longer. You rented the chair, and now you're having difficulty with normal activities. The curb outside work seems too steep, or those college library steps are difficult to navigate. Or your mother-in-law is coming to stay and she doesn't complain about accessibility—so you feel guilty and want to work harder to make her comfortable. Perhaps you're temping and your workplace wasn't designed for people with wheelchairs. You hate to be late because you can't get through the door.

Whatever your reason for needing a ramp, here's good news: You can rent portable wheel chair ramps. Companies such as American Access offer temporary portable wheelchair ramps.

A few tips before you rent:

• Make sure the company can rent to you indefinitely or for the length of time you need.
• Determine whether you need a telescoping van ramp for your mother-in-law or just a wedge that can help you get through the door.
• If you can, test the temporary portable wheelchair ramp with your wheelchair or take your mother-in-law--make it a shopping and lunch outing!

So now you're on the mend, or your mother-in-law is happy. The drawback: Your mother-in-law announces she's staying another month, and she's already complaining about the way you overcook vegetables. Not to worry—rental companies, like portable wheel chair ramps, are flexible.



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