Shooting Hoops in Sport Wheelchairs

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How can sports wheel chairs help me play wheel chair basketball?

Shooting Hoops in Sport Wheelchairs

You're ready to get it on and shoot some hoops with wheel chair basketball. What do you need to know to shoot all your free throws?

First, basketball sport wheel chairs can only help you make those free throws by letting you practice, practice, practice.

Second, select one that can also be used in everyday life. If you're in the process of selecting sport wheel chairs, Colours ZEPHYR Everyday Sports Chair is a smart investment in your game on and off the court.

Choose chairs with adjustable height seats—and they're out there, designed by players for players. You're not going to look like Rick Fox or Allen Iverson, but you should be able to dribble, throw and carry the ball with the same comfort.

If you're a serious pro player, heat treated wheels for all that offensive and defensive action will keep you from getting benched if your wheelchair needs repair.

Above all, conduct yourself with more grace and class than the NBA players (this should be easy), and you'll be a champion.



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