Wheelchair Lift Checklist

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What are some specific features I should look for when deciding on wheelchair lifts?

Wheelchair Lift Checklist

When shopping for your wheelchair lift for your vehicle, there are specific features you should examine to determine suitability. Take a look at our wheelchair lift checklist for some pointers.

  • Find out whether the wheelchair lift is automatic or semiautomatic. Automatic wheelchair lifts work with a touch of a button, but semiautomatic wheelchair lifts require you to manually fold the platforms. You'll pay a heftier price for the automatic wheelchair lifts.
  • Examine the platform and how it works. Wheelchair lifts have edges or roll stops to prevent you from sliding off the platform. Some roll stops operate automatically, while others require manual operation.
  • Check the size of the platform. You should have a few inches clear around the wheelbase of your wheelchair at the length and width of the platform.
  • Determine if the type of lift is appropriate for the needs of your vehicle. For instance, a rotary wheelchair lift may prevent you from moving the front seat and reclining it.



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