Replacing Wheelchair Parts

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What parts can I replace on my wheelchair?

Replacing Wheelchair Parts

Like any other piece of operating equipment, you may find wheelchair parts will wear down or break. However, you can replace many of the components. Here's a guide to some of the wheelchair parts you can replace:

Wheelchair casters – The wheelchair casters positioned at the front of your chair will help provide the appropriate direction for your wheelchair. They're available in a wide range of sizes from 3” to 8”.

Rear Wheel Assemblies– The rear wheel assemblies are also important wheelchair parts. You can select a wide variety of types to suit your needs including economy and high performance type wheel assemblies.

Tires – Tires come in a variety of options, including pneumatic, urethane, and foam filled.

Wheelchair battery – For powered wheelchairs, you'll need to replace your wheelchair battery every so often. You can expect to get one to two years of use from them.

Front Riggings – Front riggings include footrests and elevating leg rests on your wheelchair. Though they're not vital to the operation of your wheelchair they are an essential part of ergonomics.



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