Child Wheelchairs and Sports

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Can my child still play sports in a wheelchair?

Child Wheelchairs and Sports

Your child was born with big dreams as well as limited mobility. Your daughter loves racing and soccer, but you're worried that child wheel chairs won't let her bend it like Beckham.

Many pediatric wheelchairs such as the Little Dipper from Colours by Permobil let your child play sports and, even better, help child wheelchairs fit in the team van. Your Pete Sampras can enjoy team spirit and Gatorade with his friends thanks to a dual axle rear receiver that allows him to roll into the van and onto the tennis court, then win the match! The dual axle rear receiver, which you can request, also helps off the tennis or basketball court.

There are also sport-specific child wheel chairs such as the QuickIe T-Tube Racer, if you want to encourage sports participation to the max. However, this may not be an affordable option for every family. The Little Dipper additions are a great alternative.

No one likes to be picked last or left on the sidelines, and kids need physical activity. After all, you always knew your little girl could do anything the boys could do...and better!



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