Hot Wheels--Children's Electric Wheelchairs

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How do I choose an electric wheelchair for my child?

Hot Wheels--Children's Electric Wheelchairs

Children are meant to run around and be active, whether they're in child wheel chairs or not. A highlight of childhood is to run through the house with a parent calling, "Slow down! Don't climb that wall! Don't run across that floor, I just washed it!"

If you're in the process of selecting child wheelchairs and want your child to have easy mobility, electric child wheelchairs are perfect, assuming your child doesn't need to build up upper body strength. Electric pediatric wheelchairs like the F-Tuffcare Challenger Pediatric can be expensive, but several wheelchair stores offer discounts and Medicare may cover them.

The investment is worth it for children who have arthritis, amputations, cerebral palsy or a variety of conditions. Electric wheelchairs make getting around at school easier, and have mobility indoors and outdoors. Plus, kids love to drive and love motors. Many electric wheelchairs can be customized so that they look like sports cars with bright colors. Other children are just fascinated by your child's awesome wheels!

Some tips to remember:

• If your child needs physical therapy, encourage him or her to leave the wheelchair. You can't sacrifice muscle strength. Many parents have alternated electric wheelchairs with standing lifts. The Levo Combi Jr. helps your child stand, tilt, recline, and even lie down comfortably.

• If you can, modify the chair so that your child can stand up safely.

• If you have a pool, teach your child about water safety. Electric child wheel chairs and water don't mix. Swimming is liberating for disabled people, but make sure that the electric wheelchair is kept far back from the pool.

Now you can relax and have the joy of yelling out the usual parental warnings: "Be careful or you'll break your neck/put someone's eye out/give me a heart attack!"



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