Power Wheel Chairs and Cell Phones

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How do I safely operate my power wheel chair?

Power Wheel Chairs and Cell Phones

As if we didn't have enough warnings about driving while talking on cell phones, here's another: Don't use your cell phone while driving your electric wheel chair. It's not that cell phones will distract you from properly operating power wheel chairs (although they will). You regularly turn off your cell phones, PDAs, handheld games and other devices when flight attendants tell you to. Just as with aircraft, electric wheelchairs start acting up under the influence of cell phones. If you don't want to feel as though you're in a Stephen King novel with a possessed chair (especially if you name your wheelchair "Christine"), turn off the electric wheel chair when you want to call your buddy in Hong Kong. And tell him in Chinese to turn his off too.

Any portable electronic device can interfere with the power supply and guidance system in power wheel chairs—you remember basic science classes. If your chair stops and starts for no reason turn off that Blackberry or Game Boy immediately. If your cell phone is turned off and you still stop and start, you may be running low on power. Charge the battery on your electric wheel chair. After all, we can't blame cell phones for everything.



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