Electric Scooters or Electric Wheelchairs

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Should I choose an electric wheelchair or a scooter?

Electric Scooters or Electric Wheelchairs

Your child frets, "I don't want to use electric wheelchairs! I'd like a scooter—they're cooler and more stylin'." Or if you need the electric wheel chair, you think the same thing. Why? Scooters such as the Buggy or the Pioneer lightweight models just seem cooler for you.

Unfortunately, your kids just have a choice of recreational scooters and stander power wheel chairs that look interesting if not particularly scooter-like. You, on the other hand, can choose a wide variety of scooters, assuming you don't need to remain in a wheelchair all the time. Remember, electric wheelchairs add mobility if you're bed-bound or wheelchair-bound and can't operate a manual chair. If you need to be in a wheelchair much of the time, a scooter isn't your best bet.

It's hard to say no to your kids. It's even harder to say no to yourself. But you have to if you don't need and can't afford an electric wheel chair with all the bells and whistles—and do you need them anyway? You just need a powerful transport. Fortunately, electric wheelchairs come in affordable, sophisticated styles like the Jazzy 1103 Ultra or the Merits MP3F High-Performance Power Base with front wheel drive. Select an electric wheel chair with zip and style that help you to feel zippy and stylish too.



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