Mobility Aids and Accessories

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What accessories can I buy to use with my mobility aids?

Mobility Aids and Accessories

A humorous quote on growing older: "Seniors are the nation's leading carriers of AIDS! Hearing AIDS, Band AIDS, Roll AIDS, Walking AIDS, Government AIDS, Medical AIDS...and most of all MONETARY AID to their Kids!"

Add mobility aids to the list. Mobility aids simply mean wheelchairs, walkers, canes, standers...and mobility scooters. You've chosen between Pride Luxury Line Victory XL 4 electric mobility scooters and the Drive Odyssey 4 Wheel Full Size mobility scooters (in Candy Apple Red like your first two-wheeler). Now, you have two other choices in the age of mobiltiy aids:

1) What great new places will I go?
2) What accessories can I select?

The ultimate accessory for your scooter mobility aids is the power lift. The Harmar AL055 Economy Inside Lift can even get your candy apple red mobility scooter inside your SUV. Or you could choose the Harmar AL600 Universal Scooter Hybrid Platform Lift, ideal for the back of your van or even that monster station wagon your kids hate to ride in. There are also power lifts for the sliding side doors on panel vans. Don't forget an EZ Access Track Ramp, which is designed for electric mobility scooters, power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs.

You can dress up your mobility scooter the way you would a wheelchair. Naturally, you've added safety reflectors.

In this age of mobility aids, no matter what the number on your birthday cake says, you can go about with humor and good spirits! The places you'll go are up to you.



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