Scooter Options

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How do I customize my mobility aids?

Scooter Options

Lime green versus champagne. Directionals versus floodlights. New tires versus the standard. Sound like choices for your first car? All of these are important when designing mobility aids. For example, you can request a crutch/oxygen tank holder add-on for your mobility scooter. You can select a color that turns heads. You haven't felt this empowered since you bouth that little juice coupe. Some other add-ons to consider--note that they all have additional charges, just like at the car dealership:

• Foam-filled tires, if you can request them, don't slow you down as much. No flat tires!
• Wire baskets for shopping till you drop!
• A tiller if your hands can't grip with full strength. It's just like using the handlebars of that first two-wheeler.
• Throttle extensions so you can brake better.
• Left-hand or right-hand drive options if you have a stroke in either side of the brain.
• Powerful headlights, and directional signals if you can get them.
• Seat with extra foam padding, swivel seat or high-end "captain's chair."

Thanks to mobility aids add-ons, your stylin' new scooter looks less like most medical electric mobility scooters and more like that souped-up hot rod you had in high school.



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