Gone Bowling and Fishing

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What fun sports wheelchair accessories are there for kids?

Gone Bowling and Fishing

You're a kid and wearing out your wheelchair tires has lost its thrill. Stuck in the chair? Wish you could sit by the creek and fish, or knock down those pins? You can, the old-fashioned way or with a cool wheel chair accessory or two.

Fishing rod holders work the same way cup holder wheelchair accessories do, you can have a cup holder on the other arm of your wheelchair as you sit on the bank of the river and wait for a tasty trout to bite. You can carry lures in your under-seat or over-the-back backpacks, essential wheelchair accessories for the avid junior fisherman. There's nothing like fishing to capture the essence of childhood.

Kids also love to bowl. Mobility4Kids' Poss-I-Bowl attaches to the tubular bowling ramps at the bowling alley and allows children to release the ball with the touch of a bowling switch. This is ideal for kids with limited mobility in a wheelchair. Technically, it's not strictly for wheelchairs, but it allows independence and fun, so it definitely ranks on our list of wheelchair accessories. Who knew that choosing wheelchair accessories could be so much fun?

Now you can go back to being a demon on wheels in-between lazy afternoons fishing and beating your best friend at bowling.



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