Laptop Wheelchair Trays

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What wheelchair trays are best for my laptop computer?

Laptop Wheelchair Trays

You're on the go, wheeling and computing. You're working on that sales report or term paper, great American screenplay...or maybe just chilling out with a computer game. But your lap is getting tired. You haven't found the right tray wheelchair accessory—most trays are as cramped as airline trays, or too big for your needs. Maybe you're choosing wheelchair accessories that aren't right for your chair.

When lap desks don't do the job, you can order a Lap Top Wheelchair Desk wheel chair accessory. The slanted adjustable lid supports your LCD screen or holds sales figures, character notes and cheat codes. The tray can even hold your cell phone, although you have your electric wheelchair turned off so the laptop and phone don't interfere, right? You're a computing wizard on the go—get yourself some high-tech wheelchair accessories and be geek chic.



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