Oversized Wheelchair Desk Trays

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Can I use a wheelchair desk tray when I'm in bed?

Oversized Wheelchair Desk Trays

You're so crazy about your wheelchair accessories you take them everywhere. Your friends say you're crazy, period. Not so—some of the wheelchair cooling cushions can also help when you're out of the chair. Now, to feed your wheelchair accessory habit, Allegro Medical is an accessory to your mania.

You love wheelchair trays—they're steady and can take punishment. You wish you had one that works when you're in bed. The Deluxe Overbed Table allows you to indulge your obsession whether you're in bed or in your chair. Who can blame you for going slightly overboard? Look at that padded footrest! Still, we admit that hanging your spoke guards on your bedroom wall might be a sign you need therapy.



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