Longer Lasting Electric Wheelchair Batteries

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How do I extend the life of my electric wheel chair battery?

Longer Lasting Electric Wheelchair Batteries

Wheelchair stalling or lagging behind the crowd? Your electric wheel chair battery probably needs replacing. You can put more juice in your battery every day with our wheel chair battery tips.

• Charge the wheelchair batteries every night to keep the chair fully revved in the morning, especially if you ride outdoors most of the day and night.

• If you use your chair mainly indoors, keep it turned off when sitting at the table or doing stationary tasks. Tip: The same battery can last for two years if your chair is an indoor animal.

• If you use "wet" batteries, keep a water jug handy every two months, which is when you'll need to refill the water. Have a friend or family member help.

• Don't leave your wheelchair running when you're not in it.

• Have backup batteries on hand. Most wheelchair sellers will include wheelchair batteries. Order extra.

After all, your batteries don't need recharging as you rush through your routine and emerge ahead of the pack. Make sure your wheel chair battery can keep up with you.



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