AGM Electric Wheel Chair Battery

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What is the AGM electric wheel chair battery?

AGM Electric Wheel Chair Battery

You keep hearing about AGM. AGM is better. AGM is powerful. It sounds like a stock. And, if AGM were a stock, it would be the best of breed. AGM, short for Absorbed Glass Mat, is an electric wheel chair battery similar to a gel cell wheel chair battery. Both batteries are leak-free when it comes to acid (no acid rains or acid trips). AGM is the newest design, built to last...remember that when you are selecting wheelchair batteries.

You're probably thinking, "That's what my broker said about the last stock she recommended." Unlike stocks, which are speculative, batteries can ride out trouble no matter how many ups and downs your wheelchair goes through. It recombines oxygen and hydrogen more efficiently than companies meet their projected earnings estimate, with 99 percent efficiency. Wall Street blue chips would kill for those ratings!

Best of all, AGM wheelchair batteries can sit in storage for long periods without starting to decay or needing to charge. This is great if you're a day trader who mainly stays indoors. Remember, that can extend electric wheel chair battery life to two years before you have to replace the wheel chair battery.

We rate AGM wheelchair batteries a strong buy.



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