Sunrise Medical Choices

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I love my Quickie, but what other Sunrise Medical chairs can I use?

Sunrise Medical Choices

Other Sunrise Medical wheel chair brands? It's the Quickie or nothing else! There's no reasoning with fanatics, and wheel chair brands are fair game for an argument. But if you say that there isn't more than one Sunrise medical wheel chair brand, you lose. Sunrise Medical produces:

• Guardian power wheelchairs and scooters
• The ever-popular Quickie wheelchair
• Breezy wheelchairs
• Hoyer transport chairs and manual everyday wheelchairs
• Quickie's cousin, the Zippie
• For kids, the Mighty Lite Wheelchair by Kid Kart

How can you ever choose? If you're a kid, your choices are more obvious. Zip along on the Zippie, which tilts and rotates, or the Mighty Lite, which if you're a kid you've probably outgrown. For adults, we like the Guardian scooters and power wheelchairs, especially the Guardian Aspire, as streamlined as a Jazzy wheelchair, or the easy-to-transport Guardian Trek 3 or Trek 4 scooter. Quickie's manual wheelchairs maneuver easily and fit, say, in the back of a compact sports car such as a Volvo. Who knew finding wheelchair brands to suit you could be so simple?

Be sure to check with your wheelchair seller or the Sunrise Medical wheel chair Web site itself ( Models such as the Chameleon have been discontinued. Still, you're a die-hard Quickie devotee, and that's not an enthusiasm that will fade in a quickie trip around the block.



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