Foam, Gel or Air?

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Which is better, a foam, gel or air wheelchair cushion?

Foam, Gel or Air?

You're in the middle of a lecture and you can't stand it. How much longer is your chemistry professor going to talk? Admittedly, she gets a little long-winded when she talks about covalent bonding. But your discomfort isn't the usual bored-student variety.

When you're sitting too long in one spot, you need comfort. When you have any kind of a muscular or neuromuscular condition (arthritis, anyone?), you need a supportive cushion for your seat and/or back. The question for the ages, and one your chemistry prof will love, is: foam, gel or air?

With so many choices, from basic models to deluxe-contour "ahhh" wheelchair cushions, let's review the options on the blackboard before your head explodes from picking wheelchair cushions to buy!

Example: Jay Soft Combi W/Lumbar Support Option Foam Wheelchair Cushion
• Easily the cheapest, but high-quality.
• Won't leak.
• Can be shaped to fit your back, which is not easy because you used to be a linebacker.
• Wear out quickly and lose shape.

Example: Invacare Gentle Contour With Flogel Gel Wheelchair Cushion.
• Can leak. Your professor would tell you it's viscosity.
• Contoured to support your spine and often include memory foam.
• Absorb less impact, say if you hit a wall while cramming for the chemistry final.
• Too heavy.
• More expensive, especially for a college student.
• Have inserts to keep your legs from getting restless during class.

Example: ROHO Airlite Air Wheelchair Cushion
• Inflate as large as you need.
• Distribute pressure evenly, which your prof will tell you is important.
• Higher maintenance, a con when you're trying to concentrate on chemistry lectures.
• More expensive, especially with your student loans.
• One jab from the wiseguy behind you and all the air leaks out.

Did you take good notes? For a college student, foam or gel wheel chair cushions may be your best bet, especially if you need the extra comfort of a cooling wheelchair cushion for when your prof. talks for thirty minutes about viscosity. The good news: With all you've learned from your wheelchair cushions, you can ace that chemistry final with confidence.



6/10/2011 2:38:24 PM
Mistie Witt said:

A lesser known but high-quality polymer option is the Action(r) series of cushions that have been on the market over 40 years, sold worldwide. Check out to see a wide variety of options, many of which are Medicare reimbursable and all of which may be ordered online. Thanks!


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