Cushions: Try Before You Buy

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How do I know if a cushion will be comfortable?

Cushions: Try Before You Buy

" buy!" No, that isn't you with sore muscles or a gotta-go complex. That's William Shatner in the Priceline commercials.

While Captain Kirk, aka Denny Crane, aka Mr. Priceline, doesn't show any signs of needing a wheelchair, he's a try-before-you-buy kind of guy. You can't try before you buy with airlines, but you can with wheel chair cushions.

You can't send back wheelchair cushions you bought online--at least not if you've had them for a year! But you can go down to your local mobility aids store or consult your doctor. Ask to try out several before picking wheelchair cushions. Try a cooling wheelchair cushion or a solid air one with a little bounce. Check the way it fastens to your wheelchair. Is it large enough? If you have an Enterprise "captain's chair" in your electric wheelchair, does the cushion help you or make you leap out of your chair as if the ship's being attacked by Klingons?

As another "Star Trek" star (who pretended to replace his captain in the Priceline ads), would say, it's only logical to try before you buy. Now, if you could just try out that Hawaiian vacation. Oh well. Ahead...Warp Nine...engage!



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