Footrests and Armrests

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How do I make my hands and feet more comfortable in wheelchairs?

Footrests and Armrests

Your arms and legs are sore—admittedly you've been at the computer all day. You've also been in your wheelchair and, although the back and seat are comfortable, you're considering tossing the wheelchair into the computer. Darn this pain, and darn this prospectus you're writing for investors. While you can't do anything right now about P/E ratios, you can change your footrests and armrests. Some tips:

• Make sure your wheelchair is the adjustable kind. If not, consider add-on foot plates.

• You can buy armrest cushions or covers for wheelchairs that support your arms and hands ergonomically.

• When working at the computer, adjust your armrests to desk and keyboard height.

• Buy ergonomic wrist rests for your desk to add support and decrease pressure.

• If you can, upgrade your stationary legrest, footrest or foot plate to a swinging one. Make sure you select the correct one for your wheel chair brand and model.

• Chaps for wheel chairs can add further cushioning for your feet, especially in bad weather—which can affect you even when you're not outside.

Now you can be comfortable while you're figuring out how to tell investors why your company didn't meet the quarterly earnings estimate.



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