Pediatric Wheelchair Accessories

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What are some pediatric wheelchair accessories?

Pediatric Wheelchair Accessories

Pediatric wheelchairs, like adult wheelchairs, are often used for extended periods of time by the children who need them. Also like adult wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs can have accessories built into them or added on, in order to make the child using the chair more comfortable. Some popular accessories include trays (both swing away trays and see through trays), pouches, baskets and bags, and other small items like drink holders. Other accessories available for wheelchairs include padding and cushions for the wheelchair seat, and even wheelchair pushing gloves (for those kids who can self-propel their chairs).



2/17/2008 3:12:01 PM
susan said:

another great accessory idea for wheelchairs is to add spoke guards - like the ones at - they have a lot of really fun designs that spruce up any wheelchair.


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