Introduction to Power Wheelchairs

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What are power wheelchairs?

Introduction to Power Wheelchairs

There are two basic types of wheelchairs available to disabled individuals: manual, or self-powered, wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. Power wheelchairs are chairs that have a motor attached, so they don't need to be pushed or manually wheeled. Power wheelchairs are often used by those people who are unable move their wheelchairs on their own, but have enough range of motion that they can use the controls needed to direct their power chair. Power wheelchairs are available in a variety of styles, such as heavy duty power wheelchairs (for larger individuals), folding power wheelchairs (for portability) and customizable power wheelchairs for those who might have specific needs for head or leg support. Sometimes included among types of power wheelchairs are mobility scooters, but they are typically used by less disabled individuals.



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