Types Of Wheelchair Cushions

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Can you tell me about the different wheelchair seat cushions?

Types Of Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair cushions are vital to making your wheelchair comfortable as well as ensuring proper posture. There are several types of wheelchair cushions you can choose from. This handy guide will give you the basics.

Foam wheelchair cushion – The foam wheelchair cushion is an inexpensive and lightweight seating option. Keep in mind it's prone to wear within a short period of time.

Gel wheelchair cushion – If you want a comfortable option, choose the gel wheelchair cushion. The downside to this type of cushion is that it is heavy and may have gel leakage.

Air flotation – This waterproof, lightweight seat cushion will keep you comfortable during wheelchair use. However, the air flotation seat cushion is prone to puncturing and requires frequent monitoring of its air pressure.

Urethane honeycomb – The urethane honeycomb is a newer type of seat cushion which provides you with good support and helps to absorb shock.



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