Types of Wheelchair Carriers

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What types of wheelchair carriers are available to me?

Types of Wheelchair Carriers

If you're looking for wheelchair carriers to transport your wheelchair, you have several options to choose from:

Electric Wheelchair Carrier – The electric wheelchair carrier does the work for you by using an electric motor to lift, fold, and place the wheelchair into a compartment on top of your vehicle.

Bumper Mounted Wheelchair Carrier – More affordable than the electric wheelchair carrier, the bumper mounted wheelchair carrier attaches to the rear of your vehicle and can be used with a wheelchair cover to transport your wheelchair.

Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Carrier – The hitch mounted wheelchair carrier is a mid-range priced wheelchair carrier. These wheelchair carriers attach to a standard trailer hitch and allow you to place your wheelchair on a platform for secure storage.

Pick-up Wheelchair Carrier – A pick-up wheelchair carrier works with pick-up trucks and uses an electric lift to bring your wheelchair onto the bed of your pick-up truck.



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