The Downside to Buying From Larger Wheelchair Manufacturers

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What are the disadvantages of buying from a smaller wheelchair manufacturer?

The Downside to Buying From Larger Wheelchair Manufacturers

Though larger wheelchair manufacturers do come with a built-in reputation for making quality products, buying from them does come at a price – literally. If you want to know what the disadvantages are to buying from larger wheelchair manufacturers, read on:

  • The big name wheelchair manufacturers tend to sell their wheelchairs at a higher price in order to give dealers a bigger profit.
  • You may miss out on a wheelchair better suited to your needs. According to Choosing a Wheelchair by Gary Karp, Some folks in the rehabilitation industry believe the larger manufacturers don't place enough emphasis on the individual. Conversely, you might find a smaller wheelchair manufacturer less concerned about selling volume than getting you the right wheelchair.
  • You may have a longer wait period to obtain your product with one of the larger wheelchair manufacturers than you would with a smaller wheelchair manufacturer.



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