Types Of Lift Chairs

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What are the basic types of lift chairs?

Types Of Lift Chairs

There are a range of lift chairs to choose from, depending on your personal tastes and needs. When selecting lift chairs, you can make an initial selection based on these basic types.

Two Position Lift Chair – A two position lift chair has a normal sitting option and a reading option (slight recline) as well as a lifted or standing position. These types of lift chairs are the most economical.

Three Position Lift Chair – In addition to the options of the two position lift chair, you also get a napping recline position.

Infinite Position Lift Chair – You get all the position options of the three position lift chair as well as a full recline position. In the full recline position, your feet are elevated above the heart level. This chair can be used for sleeping and allows you to operate the footrest and the back independently of each other.



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